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    • We will notify you of new loads on E-mail
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    • Ask the customer about the details of transportation, using the form on page of cargo
    • If the cargo suits you, leave your offer for transportation on the same page, with the price and other conditions
    • We will notify you by E-mail, when the customer accepts your offer
  • Carrier truck
    Transport cargo
    • Once customer accepts your offer, on page of cargo you must confirm that you did not change your mind
    • The contacts of customer will open for you on the same page. Call him to coordinate the details

Why choose MY-TRANS?

  • Free to list your cargo
  • A large number of customers and loads
  • You can offer your price to the customer
  • You see offers and questions from other carriers
  • You do not waste on calls, asking about the cargo
  • Timely notification of new loads on E-mail
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